Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FEATURING: Beautiful-Incentives and Cheribundi Review and Giveaway!!!

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Giveaway & Review by Beautiful Incentives

I have discovered an amazing new drink for the summer. Even though fall has come upon us, it's going to be be summer where I am for a little longer than the north. Florida has started to simmer down, but not quite enough to call it fall. So refreshingly cold drinks are still popular on the menu!

One of which I concocted today with the help of an incredibly yummy beverage called Cheribundi. It is made of my favorite fruit on earth, cherries. Not only that, but some of the juices include teas. Two of my favorite things in life. Cheribundi is such a refreshing and unique drink and you are going to love what I have to say about them. Especially the benefits and a nice little simple recipe.

Cheribundi is a wonderful marriage of different tastes that dance on your tongue with cherries. I have tried several different flavors of theirs and they are ALL very tasty, but the ones with tea flavors have to be my ultimate favorite.

What are the health benefits of Cheribundi? 
  • Cheribundi is loaded with natural cherry juice which has phytonutrients and anthocyanins. Each bottle has at least 25 % tart cherry juice in it. Which is mixed with other juices from concentrate. When I took my first sip it was indeed very tart, but not overwhelmingly. I loved it. It's very sweet too. 18-22 grams of fruit and added sugar in every bottle. 
  • Cheribundi does not have any preservatives aside from the citric acid. 

  • Athletes such as runners have claimed that their tart cherry juice has significantly relieved pain and inflammation. Others have reported different benefits such as healing from certain disease. 

  • This juice also contains natural melanin which aids in a good nights rest. 

My absolute favorite flavors were the cherry lemonade, cherry pomegranate, cherry jasmine tea and cherry green tea. The tea mixes have less of the tart cherry juice . 5% juice to be exact and more of the tea, which is a great pick me up from the caffeine.

 I decided that I wanted a healthy drink that wasn't filled with too much sugar, but still satisfying. The drinks are delicious, but the sugar content was a little too much for me, so I came up with a drink that wasn't quite as sugary. First, I poured two different flavors of cheribundi into ice cube trays and let those freeze. Then I poured some water in my glass (1 cup) and dropped a few of the juice cubes into the cup. Then I dropped a couple fresh cherries in there to bring out the natural flavor of the juice. It turned out yummy. Not too sweet but not watered down. Just right and nice and cool.  Great for a post workout drink too. This make the drink last longer so I'll have even more cherry goodness.

I encourage you to try Cheribundi with some sparkling water as an alternative to soda too! It's really yummy and satisfies that craving without the unhealthy additives! 

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  1. I love cherry juice! I haven't tried one that specifically says "tart" yet, but I would definitely love to try it and if the flavor is too strong, I would still love it mixed with sparkling water. I actually just started mixing cherry juice and sparkling water together the other day to drink instead of soda pop.

  2. No I Haven't but I have read so many articles about the health benefits of Cherry juice! The Cherry Jasmine Tea sounds very refreshing!